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With institutional values at heart and a global focus in mind, we are the world’s leading institutional communication Network.

The Ultra European Network by Pomilio Blumm is a unique network of independent communication agencies.

We are the first European-based community of professionals specialised in institution-to-citizen communication.

The global communication market is a constantly evolving environment where each country has its own cultural specificities and requires different strategic views and operational rules. This is why we decided to build our own cross-cultural ecosystem starting from the Mediterranean, a historical pool for multiculturalism, and moving on to a global presence firmly holding the pillars of origin.

Embracing communication excellence through connectivity, networking and sharing is at the core of our mission, which daily nourishes its relationships and business opportunities through an innovative platform with access granted to the network’s members only.

Our vision is fully grounded in the specificity and uniqueness of public communication as a continuously evolving field, where the rules of advertising are replaced by avalue-based and narrative-oriented communication approach.

UEN is also the first and only "ready to run" Network for social pan-European campaigns. Considering the increasing importance of social media as the most powerful means of communication among institutions to reach the citizens, the partners decided to join forces and developed an in-house exclusive framework for implementing fully-harmonised social media campaigns at pan-European level.

Uen Connect

In 2022, the UEN evolved into the UEN Connect, with the capability to activate disclaimers around Europein the blink of an eye enabling the publication of campaigns on sensitive topics on Meta channels.

Uen Connect Media

UEN Connect is developing rapidly by connecting experts in media strategy design. Thanks to our local presence, we will be able to carry out focused and specifically targeted EU campaigns and achieve desired results such as increased awareness and improved communication across Europe.

Values are real only when shared:
Ultra European Network.

Shared values are the bridges between cultures and competencies.


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With the growing role of the EU within the global arena, the UEN proudly boasts 103 offices and over 7000 professional staff, worldwide from 120 countrieswhose sharings and experiences contribute to developing the essence of its identity.

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We are an exclusive Network of independent professional communication agencies capable of delivering competent, in-depth and glocal visions to any international project.

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Be part of a Network that comprises more than 250 reliable, independent and highly-skilled communication experts.


Join the exclusive UEN hub, a platform accessible only to members.

Take part in the annual UEN summit.


Gain priority for collaboration opportunities in your country.

Receive invitations to the exclusive events that we organise around the world.

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Grow your professional profile and your institutional clients’ portfolio.

Gain access to powerful cross-cultural expert advice.

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Become part of the Ultra European Network and have exclusive access to initiatives, tools and opportunities to boost your international success.

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